Vastu for Toilet


Vastu for Toilet

Nowadays, toilet and bathroom is an inherent part of the house and so it should be constructed as per the guidelines and tips of Vastu. Backed with many years of experience in Vastu Shastra, Vastu Raghava has been handling large number of customers by offering them excellent Vastu Consultancy Services. We provide them all the effective Vastu tips for giving their toilet a perfect direction and to drive away all negative energy from toilet.

Vastu Shastra is based from Rajasthan (India) that consists of basic principles that are must to be used while planning to construct toilet in the home. Vastu for Toilet encourages north-west corner of the home or building. If it is attached in with bathroom, it should be in north-west or south-east direction of the room.

As per the guidelines offered by our Vastu Experts, toilet in the north-east may unfavourably affect the finances and success of the family. Also, if the toilet is in south-west direction then it may affect the health and make hesitant to a head of the family.

Effective Vastu Tips for Toilet

  • Toilet seats must perfectly be directed in south to north or west to east direction
  • The doors must be in the north-east direction or east walls
  • If the west and north-west corners are not accessible, the next best alternative is the south-east direction of room.
  • Mirrors must be located on the north or east walls
  • Toilets must be in north-west or west direction of the house or building
  • If the toilet is attached then it must be in north-west direction of the room
  • The toilet must be one or two feet higher than the ground level
  • The toilet walls must be multi-coloured in lighter imbues rather than such warning colours such as red and black
  • Avoid constructing a toilet in the centre and in the north-east corner of the building or room

Points To Follow Before Constructing Toilet

  • Toilet seats from south to north or west to east are perfect
  • Mirrors in the toilet should be on north and east walls
  • Doors may be on the east of the north-east direction
  • Light shades mostly preferred in toilet rather than red and black

While summing up, for having comfortable life it becomes very necessary to take guidance from Vastu Consultant. So, if you are looking for reliable Vastu Consultancy Services then contact us and make your home free from all such negative energy.
Vastu Raghava suggests clients for excreting environmental tension. We provide proper consultation to make positive changes in your home and balance the environment to increase output and prosperity in daily life.