Vastu for Showroom


Vastu for Showroom

A showroom is actually a place that is being run by more than two people along with its owner. A famous Showroom is only indentified by its uniqueness & goodwill and it can only be earned by proper construction and direction. Most of the showrooms take Vastu Consultancy Services so as to find out the correct direction of it.

Welcome to Vastu Raghava, one of the famous Vastu Consultant Company that brings to you beneficial Vastu tips for providing positive energy, huge profit, money and growth in showroom. Keeping in mind the aspect of Showroom, we guide you about Vastu remedies and explain about each and every direction, in order to set up the showroom in a perfect way.

Being one of the popular Vastu Experts from Rajasthan (India), we assist you in planning the entire procedures as per Vastu principles, so as to form a perfect showroom. Due to our exact prediction and calculation, we are honoured as one of the pre-eminent Vastu Consultant in India.

We have well-versed team experts who have vast experience in this field that help you get complete peace, growth and profit in your showroom. Investment of money, products marketing, and customer’s satisfaction are some of the specialities due to which we are enlisted as one of the leading company in India.

As per survey, it has been found that numerous people are taking Vastu Consultancy Services for their showroom as they believe that it may bring utmost profit in limited time period.

Vastu Tips for Showroom

  • A corner Showroom with road on north and east is perfect
  • Showroom must face the north or east then the west or south direction
  • Owner of the showroom must sit towards southeast and in the corner of northeast
  • Always set up cabinets, showcase and extra stock in south or west direction rather than in northeast
  • Avoid unpaired shaped showroom
  • Remember that main door and other doors of shop should not make noise
  • Cash counter, account books, and check books must be placed towards east or north
  • All electronic equipments must be integrated in south-east corner of shop

Points To Remember While Selecting Showroom

  • Proper location of the showroom
  • Office exterior
  • Employee’s placement and sitting direction
  • Entrance direction
  • Windows direction and placement
  • Electronic equipment direction
  • Basement location
  • Storage of goods direction
  • Employee’s placement and sitting direction