Vastu for Shop


Vastu for Shop

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that has useful principles and many shops follow Vastu tips as it brings profit and success in shop. Vastu Raghava is a leading Vastu Consultant that gives true predictions and Vastu Tips while selecting a shop.

These days, profit has become a major factor in every businessman’s mind. In fact, money is the foremost factor of shops as this is the basic source of growth and productivity. So, shopkeeper must set up its shop in perfect direction. Taking the benefits of Vastu Consultancy Services may lead to huge success, profits and drive negative energy from shop.

In order to open the entrance of monetary profits and confirm smooth functioning of shops, various people go for Vastu Consultants as they believe that it brings profit, money and growth as well. However, Vastu Shastra Tips for shops or showroom is completely depended on in-depth study of several determiners that consist of shop location, exteriors, arrangement of cash counter, and much more. Thus, following such tips by shopkeeper gives huge profit.

In order to get over tension and to have complete peace with huge profit, shopkeepers are mostly coming forward to take Vastu remedies from our experts. Being one of the foremost Vastu Experts from Rajasthan (India), we give them a perfect way to carry out their utmost goal. Nowadays, numerous people are calling us for Vastu tips, in order to make their shop according to Vastu principles that gives peace and growth.

Beneficial Vastu Tips for Shop

  • Shop must be in regular shape like rectangular or square and forefend unbalanced property
  • Shopkeeper must sit as per Vastu Shastra principles that is in South or West direction
  • Keep heavy material like raw material or removal stuff on the south-west direction
  • Shop entrance must be in east or north-east direction
  • Any misdeed or extension from wrong way may leads to bad luck, negative effects, losses in business, and much more
  • Cash counter must be set up in such a way that it open towards North
  • Remember that main door and other doors of shop should not make noise
  • Don’t place Goddess Laxmi and God Ganesha on the right direction of North-east corner as it is considered as bad impact
  • Locker or cash room must be constructed towards South-west and open towards North
  • All electronic equipments must be integrated in south-east corner of shop

Points To Remember While Selecting Shop

  • Proper location of the shop
  • Employee’s placement and sitting direction
  • Entrance direction
  • Basement location
  • Windows direction and placement
  • Electronic equipment direction
  • Office exterior
  • Storage of goods direction
  • Cashier’s direction & placement