Vastu for Plot


Vastu for Plot

One of the main obstructions that come in one’s way is the unavailability of ample private land whether it is big or small cities. Various things need to be considered while constructing building. Vastu Raghava is a leading Vastu Consultant based in Rajasthan (India) that brings ultimate vastu tips for plot that will help you in getting the right plot. Proper attention is very necessary while buying a plot as one has to face the bad effects of Vastu Dosh if they don’t follow the Vastu Shastra remedies. So, you need to be careful while choosing the right plot as per Vastu remedies.

Plots that have natural extensions for the northeast is quite promising that lead to good health, happiness and success. Though, the best shapes for plots are considered in rectangular or square form that faces squarely on the four central directions. Also, if the plot is narrower at the entrance and broader at its back but the contrary is not so effective. In brief, oval, round and triangular plots must be avoided.

Besides, if you are looking for the reliable Vastu Consultants then send us your enquiries as we are here to help you in getting the perfect plot that brings success and positive affects in your life. Actually, we are extremely popular for offering accurate predictions and calculation. That’s why many clients are taking the benefits of our Vastu Consultancy Services.

Vast For Plot Remedies

  • Directs energy which emits positive energy from the five unlike elements of the earth on the residents of the house
  • Vastu is a science of structures and totally contends with the directions
  • Gives prosperity and productivity

Tips For Selecting A Plot

  • Don’t buy plot with black clay soil or else it will be weak and the construction would not be for longer period
  • The plot must be either square or rectangle in shape
  • Don’t buy a plot if there is no water level available
  • The site must be in level or inclined towards north or east or north-east.

Vastu For Plot And Lands

  • Plot facing towards east is perfect for philosophers, scholars, priests, teachers, professors, etc.
  • Plot facing towards west is for those who offer abiding services to the society
  • Plot facing towards south is fine for business class and especially for those who work in business organization
  • Plot facing towards north is perfect for those in power, administration and those who work for government