Vastu for Kitchen


Vastu for Kitchen

Vastu For Kitchen has been consists of is very essential study area from last many decades. People believe that kitchen is made as per the Vastu Shastra guidelines that attract health and happiness for the convicts, in order to live an exuberant life.

Kitchen is actually a place where a lady spend her most of the time to cook delicious dishes. So, it is very necessary to follow Vastu tips and guidelines from Vastu Consultant. Backed with skilled experts and huge experience in the same field, Vastu Raghava offers optimum Vastu Consultancy Services in which we explain several Vastu remedies and benefits, in order to live comfortable and happy life.

Vastu Shastra is an expectant method that changes your life completely and brings positive energy, prosperity and happiness all around in your home. As per the Vastu Shastra principles, you must give importance to Kitchen while constructing home. While, stove or gas burner must not face towards south or north direction.

However, placing a kitchen forms an important factor in Vastu. Kitchen must always be at southeast corner or at least to the northwest corner of the home. Try to ignore having kitchen in North east corner of the home which may cause quarrels, misunderstanding amongst the members of the home. For more guidance or Vastu Remedies, contact us as we are one of the reckoned Vastu Consultant from India.

Points To Check Before Selecting Vastu For Kitchen

  • It is far better to invalidate Kitchen at the south-west direction
  • Avoid placing the kitchen at the North-east corner of the house as it may contribute to lots of turmoil in the home and may destroy peace of house
  • Avoid placing Kitchen at south-west direction as it causes several difficulties and worries to the owner of the home
  • The Pooja room or temple must never be above the stove or kitchen sink because it brings bad luck in home
  • In order to have the complete knowledge of Vastu for Kitchen, consult an Expert before arranging or planning for the kitchen
  • It must open in clockwise direction
  • In north-east kitchen, the gas burner can be placed in the north-west in west direction
  • Cooking gas or stove must be placed in the southeast direction as it offers complete peace of mind
  • The door of the kitchen must be in the north, east or in the north-east corner
  • The Kitchen must have its Kitchen items in the south and west. Also, the slab must be placed in the east direction and away from the eastern wall
  • Water Filter and drinking water must be stored in the North-east direction
  • Windows of the Kitchen must be in the East direction and the smaller windows can be in the south direction. Thus, there should be perfect space for ventilation
  • Try to take daily meal in the Kitchen as it is known as one of the perfect place
  • Refrigerator can be placed in the north-west or towards the south-west direction

Colour Scheme As Per The Vastu For Kitchen

  • Rose
  • Yellow
  • Chocolate
  • Strictly avoid using the colour black in your kitchen
  • Orange
  • Red

So, if you want to take Vastu Consultancy Services from us, contact us as our Vastu Experts explain about the benefits and effects of Vastu in Kitchen in the best way.