Vastu for Flats


Vastu for Flats

Looking for Vastu tips for your flat? Vastu Raghava brings excellent Vastu Consultancy Services in which you will get the prediction of each and every location of the flat. We are well versed with our Vastu Experts who are highly experienced and qualified in this field. In order to live peaceful and happy life in Flat, we guide you about the Vastu for Flat,so that you can construct your flat properly.

However, Vastu energy is just like a magnetic force that acts upon every people under its control. So, the consulting with a Vastu Expert is necessary before investing your money for buying flat or apartment. Vastu guidelines offer scientific tips on how to construct your flat to being happiness, peace and prosperity in life. It makes your lifestyle comfortable and drives away all negative energies from flat. Also, it forecloses danger from fawning into your daily life or relationship.

So, consult with us and take Vastu Remedies and bring prosperity & positive energy in your flat. Being one of the popular Vastu Consultants from Rajasthan (India), we take care of client’s preferences and problems and guide you by providing the best solution to them.

Vastu Tips For Flat

  • The ceiling must be constructed in level as it creates positive energy of the room uniform and assists the residents by keeping a steady state of mind
  • The bedroom must be in the southeast corner of the flat and if it has more than one floor, then the master bedroom must be on the topmost floor
  • Bathroom must be constructed in the west or east direction and its drain must flow towards northeast direction
  • Children room must be constructed in the northwest corner and not a single bedroom must be be situated in southwest corner
  • The water tap in kitchen must be in the northeast direction
  • Try to have utmost open area or space in east or north direction
  • Drawing room must be in northeast, west or south direction and furniture must be placed in south and west direction
  • Try to construct study room towards northeast, northwest, west or north direction as it is the considered as one of the best place to do study
  • Kitchen must be located in the fire angle that is in southeast. The cook must face towards east direction as it brings good luck for the head of the family
  • The store room should be towards southern direction
  • The first and foremost factor is door that must be constructed in the north and east direction
  • Guest room must be towards northwest direction
  • Daily wastes from the kitchen must be covered in the southwest corner direction