Vastu for Factory


Vastu for Factory

Vastu is meant for house, factories, offices, etc., and its coinciding charm on your life and its values & principles are recognized for making a harmony amongst the instinctive factors of earth, water, fire, and environment. If it is not considered during construction, then it may leads to less productivity, loss in business and labour problems.

So, factories and various other commercial properties need special attention during construction and must be safe from any Vastu dosh. So, it becomes essential to go for Vastu Consultancy Services, in order to bring prosperity and rapid growth in terms of money and production.

Many clients have been following Vastu Tips nowadays and they believe that it helps in their business growth and productivity. In order to balance the functioning of Factories in a well proper way, it becomes very essential to choose a trustworthy Vastu Consultant that can help you in attaining great success and positive energy.

Vastu Raghava is backed with many years of experience in Vastu Shastra and we provide exact predictions and calculation for several factories of our esteemed clients. We help you in giving knowledge about the Vastu For Factory and enhance the growth & movement of completed products.
In Vastu for factories, set up of machinery and factories location is one of the foremost factors that is considered by our Vastu Experts. Known as one of the leading Vastu Consultants in India, we take care of client’s requirement and provide complete prediction about the factory.

However, our skilled expertise and knowledge have been extremely appreciated by our clients, owing to which we are renowned as one of the valuable Vastu Consultants from Rajasthan, India.

Benefits Of Vastu For Factories

  • Get large order & sales
  • Draw more money
  • Get best product quality
  • Maximize industrial production
  • Acquiring fame & recognition
  • Create new opportunities
  • Awaken healing energy at home
  • Make financial security
  • Amend grades in studies
  • Fortify love & relationship
  • Joy & happiness
  • Stop enfeebling money & efforts
  • Heal depression
  • Personal influence
  • Limpidity of mind
  • Conquer anxiety
  • Power & confidence
  • Assure unnatural conduct

Few Vastu Tips for Factories

  • Plot must be highest in south-west and lowest in north-east. If it is in rectangular or square shape then take Vastu advice Big space must be in north and east
  • If overhead water tank is needed then it must be in south-west or west direction rather than in north-east direction South-west construction section must be the highest point
  • Roof slope must be in north or east side
  • South and west boundaries of wall must be heavy and more improbable compared to walls in north and east direction Major end product must come out from north or east side
  • Bathrooms and toilets must be in south-east or north-west direction
  • If underground water tank or storing tank is needed then it must be in north-east rather than in south-west direction Godown of finished goods must face towards north-west
  • If there is temple in factory, it must be in north-east direction
  • Security guard must sit facing towards east or north only
  • Big heavy machineries must be installed on south and west side of the factory
  • Canteen must be in south-east direction