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Crystal Or Sphatik

Quartz crystal aka Sphatik is a storehouse of positivity, strength and power, as per the narrative of astrology and mythological references. This earth-mined natural mineral is a good conductor of energy, light, positive vibes, and powerful zing to unchain you off unnatural fear, uncertainty and negativity.

Sphatik Yantra is like a strong shield against negative vibrations, thus allowing you strengthen your ability to fulfil your dreams and live your life harmoniously. The crystal Yantra is the best healing technique for various life-related problems due to its integral natural energy. It drives away negative influences in your life and blesses it with abundant health and progress, including happy familial bonding.

PavitraJyotish offers one stop shop solution to crystal Yantras that we develop using our proprietary method in order to cleanse, energize and attune Sphatik Idol or Yantra, especially to serve your goals well. Each Sphatik Yantra is original and authentic and can be availed at the most competitive price.

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